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Martinique: Jon Auer Klokken 29/04/2017 23:00
        Jon Auer (US), kjent fra band som The Posies og Big Star, kommer endelig tilbake til Stavanger lørdag 29.april.

In addition to being a critically acclaimed solo artist, Jon Auer is the co-founder/singer/songwriter/
multi-instrumentalist of The Posies, one half of art pop duo Dynamo
Royale, and was a member of the reformed Big Star for 17 years (until
Alex Chilton's untimely passing in 2010). Auer has toured the world over
in support of his much-praised solo album Songs From The Year Of Our
Demise, a song cycle that illustrates his undeniable knack for combining
the highly melodic with the emotionally and psychologically complex, arguably
mining more singular and adventurous territory than in any of his work
previous. As a solo performer, Auer's one-man show is entrancing and
intimately entertaining, songs and stories side by side.

teenaged Auer recorded and mixed the first Posies' album (Failure) in
his parent's house and during his multi-faceted career Auer has produced
and/or mix records for the likes of You Am I, Redd Kross, and Spiral
Stairs (of Pavement) and the Sub Pop label and many others. Auer also
performed on William Shatner's Has Been album (produced by Ben Folds).
Former Beatle Ringo Starr even covered one of Auer's compositions
("Golden Blunders") and Auer's haunting "Lady Sweet" (sung by Auer) was
the lead track from the Big Star record In Space. Currently residing in
France, Auer spent four intensive months touring the US and Europe in
2016 sharing The Posies' latest release (Solid States) and he is
prominently featured in the upcoming Big Star movie Thank You Friends:
Big Star's Third Live...and More.

- "(Auer) was warm and
epic, comfortable; using the venue's gorgeous forum for a handful of
just- right, unplugged, solo-singer-songwriter-in-the-stagelight
moments. It was mouth-agape, beaming from the front row, pull up your
knees to your chest and your sleeves over your hands, 'please don't let
it stop' kind of good... he took over his own lyrically adept selection
of songs like a true pro, delivering with just the right amount of witty
banter, slashing us in half with his well-crafted ache- - THREEIMAGINARYGIRLS.COM

- -Although Jon Auer takes the stage as a solo performer and plays for
over an hour-and-a-half, this is easily one of the most dynamic shows
this reviewer has seen for a while, the mark of a truly talented and
diverse artist. Opening with a divine track from his most recent release
Songs From The Year of Our Demise, ?Cemetery Song? begins Auer?s
beautifully-designed set list. It?s clear right from the start that the
tonality of his voice is even more fluid, smooth and rounded than on the
recorded tracks. Throughout the night he shares with us the stories
behind a lot of his work...He shares a touching story about Josephine,
his estranged grandmother, and ?Bottom of the Bottle?, written about his
alcoholic friend, in which he pulls off a stunning a cappella
breakdown. Always offering something new at each moment of the
performance, Jon disappears to return with a milk crate, which he
locates in the middle of the Troubadour for an unplugged number. Jon
Auer?s history as a key member of The Posies and Big Star is no secret
and he keeps fans happy with a couple of tracks from both bands, closing
his four-song encore with The Posies? ?Coming Right Along?. Tonight on
display is a musician who has an intricate relationship with
composition, performance, guitar playing, vocal talent and all elements
of music - just plain brilliant to watch.- - TIMEOFF.COM.AU

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